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"what is it with me today drinking chardonnay like it's lemonade"


ella bee is a 21 year old singer, songwriter, guitarist and producer based in south east london.

"Chardonnay is a song that I hold very close to my heart. It was written about one of the hardest points in my life, at a time where I felt everything was meaningless and nothing was moving forward. It focuses on the mundanity of everyday life and how it’s just easier to drink it all away and forget about it rather than dealing with the issues at hand. 


It is about dealing with the aftermath of a failed relationship, how nobody at the time could compare to what I had before and how hard it is to see people from your past move on. I tried to capture how it feels when things change and all you want is for everything to go back to how it was before, but there’s nothing you can do. How the only way to make the days go by is to drown it away. I talk about my frustration with being stuck in a job that wasn’t going anywhere, having big dreams but feeling too down to try and fulfill them. Wandering and longing to go back in time to a place where you felt happy and human. 


“I wish we were back in Spain drinking chardonnay, I would give it all” - originally written in a place of sadness (my bedroom), it was recorded and brought to life during a songwriting camp in Spain in the summer of 2019, set up by one of my best friends, Natalie. We also got the chance to film some of the music video there which really adds to the sentimental meaning of the song. This is my second collaboration with Lewis Campbell, who also produced my first single Porcelain Doll. "

"porcelain doll shines a light on fragility and vulnerability. it is about not settling for less. it is about respect" 

Ella grew up in Sydney, Australia, but moved to London as a teenager to pursue her music career. She has played many brilliant venues such as The Roundhouse, The Garage and not to mention her most notable performance to date, the main stage at Lovebox 2016. 

her debut track 'porcelain doll' was released in march 2020


Written by Ella in South East London, she teamed with producer Lewis Campbell to expand on the song and bring to life the vision she had of creating a record that featured strong elements of her two native genres, rock and alternative pop. The angry, hard-hitting lyrics and heavy vocal distortion mixed with an almost future-bass soundscape evoke the emotion and passion that Ella wanted to showcase in her first release.

The 21-year-old singer has always been known to write from her own personal experiences. Ella religiously keeps a diary and often documents her life - this is where she gathers inspiration for her songwriting. She takes pride in her songs having sentimental meaning. ‘Porcelain Doll’ may be her debut, but it is the first of many stories she has to tell through her music.